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"Does it get easier when they sleep through the night?"

If you find this question humorous, then you have your answer.  Our babies become KIDS.  Our kids become TEENS. Our teens become ADULTS quicker than ever before (and they still need you more than ever!). 

Let's face it, it takes work keeping up with our kids!​

And it goes so fast... 
and teddy bears quickly turn into baseball cards ​(but always keep the teddy bear handy!).

Our kids grow, and we do, too!  It can be easy to find yourself wrapped up in the to-do list of today and tomorrow, but staying in the present can help you juggle it all. Taking care of yourself just as important as taking care of your children; you are their model for the ups and downs of life.

Life is busy, but we must always remember to embrace it all. 
All the moments matter; the big and the small.

Stay tuned for information about juggling parenting as children face school challenges, social media, moving and more!

Do small things
​with great LOVE.

~Mother Teresa

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